What We Do

It’s not just the quality of our work that sets Gregory Dean Photography apart from other photography studios. It’s also the diversity, creativity and style that is visible in each and every one of our photographs. Each of our photos is a testament to how Gregory Dean Photography uses the interaction between light, technology and people to create unique lasting memories.

Google Tours

A Google Tour includes a full 360° Virtual Tour of your business location. Customers can virtually walk through and see the best your business has to offer, all with Google’s familiar "StreetView" interface!

The tour is hosted on Google Maps, Google Search and on your G+ Business or local page. The great thing is that there is no hosting cost. A virtual tour tells your customers exactly where you are and shows your business in its best light, online. The benefit to your digital marketing team is obvious; increased visibility and interactivity, a customized online presence and much better Google Search SEO rankings.

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Product Photography

The recent growth and popularity of online selling has created a renewed demand for product photography and is a rapidly growing segment of our business. We offer studio product set-ups as well as location sessions. Are you needing to meet the stringent specifications for your Amazon Store, Ebay Listing, Etsy Store? We do that for you!

We also work closely with Advertising Agencies, Marketing Professionals, Website Design Teams and Manufacturers producing the type of highly refined, professional looking finished images required to meet the demands of the advertising industry for both digital and print media.

Architectural Photography

Good architectural photographers utilize a high level of technical skills and the use of specialized techniques and cameras and can include outside exterior views as well as beautiful interior shots.

The most impressive thing about good architectural photography is its ability to imbue inanimate subjects - buildings and other manmade structures - with a life and soul of their own.

"I first interpret the designer’s vision before considering location-specific factors. Camera position, lens choice, interior staging, even the time-of-day is vital in my process."  - Gregory Dean

360 Walkthrough Tour (3D & VR)

Through the advancement of 3D and Virtual Reality technology, business developers have new tools to market their services and products online.

"Immersive Media" is the new content for your website experience. Get your potential customers happily involved in learning more about the products and services offered and avoid the "Click-Away" by providing inter-active media.

Business Portraits

Highlight Your Team - Employ professional help - we are experts at location photography - preparation, posing and lighting.

Promotional Headshots - Seek out a professional commercial photographer that understands the type of look your business portraits must have! A photographer that shoots sports teams or baby portraits may not be the best choice. Planning and preparation is key - let us help with clothing plans, styling services and posing recommendations in order to get the best corporate headshots.

Impactful Visual Media for Advertising - We work with your advertising agency, website designer and marketing professional to carefully craft the images that will grab the attention and interest of your target market. Consumers are much more media savvy and DIY or Stock Images are immediately recognized and may not be communicating the message you want. We then deliver custom finished images, available in digital formats and photographic printing. You own all of the images delivered – No Limiting Licensing Policies and Unlimited Usage Rights!

Aerial Drone Photography

One of the most exciting and widely used techniques in video and film making as well as still photography; putting the camera in the air can create breathtaking, fresh views of familiar locations.

The use of high-tech remote-control drones has replaced the need to pay very expensive, budget crushing fees for helicopter or airplane fly-overs or renting mechanical cranes and lifts. The creative possibilities are seemingly unlimited!

Don't fool yourself into thinking that anybody can provide commercial aerial services! Make sure you are working with trained, certified and properly licensed pilots (There are strict laws and guidelines).

High resolution capture systems, proper flight patterns and professional editing is required to achieve top notch results.

Start by contacting Gregory Dean Photography to arrange for a consultation.

Food Photography

Everybody loves looking at images of food and food preparation; it is all around us presented in every form of media. The explosion of Editorial Food Blogs, TV Shows and Commercials, Cook Books and YouTube Lessons has really raised the bar for photographic quality of food images in stills and video.

Conception, planning and execution of food photography is complicated and requires an advanced understanding of lighting, food styling and camera work.

We work directly with restaurants and food bloggers as well as advertising agencies. We can provide the right Food Stylist for your project and will consult on the needs of the project and provide an estimate on costs.